Friday, 15 December 2017

Difficulty with UFOs

I decided to list my UFO list for the American Patchwork and Quilting 2018 challenge.  All went well for a while, but I was so successful last year, that I struggled to find twelve UFOs!  Unbelievable but true!  So some are UFOs and some are what you might call possibilities!  
Number 1 is En Provence. 

This is a completed top, so shouldn't take too long to finish. 
Number 2 is Talking Turkey. 

This one is more of a possibility.  Two blocks completed and some more components in a bag.  We'll see about this one. 
Number 3 is my Pat Sloan Garden Quilt. This was her mystery for 2016. 

The blocks are together and I've purchased the border fabric.  This is definitely a UFO! 
Number 4 is a Scrappy Pineapple. 

One or two blocks made plus some bits. 
Number 5 is a few dollies I made one day when I was bored.  

I'm sure I could make some more and big it up somehow. 
Number 6 is a batik drunkard's path. 

Such a shame not to make something of these. 
Number 7 is a Mile A Minute. 

I always have a few sets of these blocks.  I pin them together in tens so I know how many there are. At least 50 here, which will be great for a Linus quilt in a 7x7 arrangement. 
Number 8 is Boxy Squares. 

This is a great Bonnie Hunter pattern for using up scraps.  
Number 9 is my bag of orphan blocks.

  I'm so mean, I can't bear to waste fabric, so any leftover blocks live in here, waiting to find some friends they can play nicely with.  I'm sure I can make something awesome from some of this! 
Number 10 is log cabin. 

I follow Bonnie's scrap user system, and cut leftover strips into useable sizes.  I like the 1.5" strips for log cabin.  It uses up lots of stuff and looks good too! 
Number 11 is Down the Rabbithole. 

Here is this Sarah Fielke design at an earlier stage.  It's a BOM for 2017, and while it hasn't actually finished yet, I'm quite behind.  I haven't finished September's border yet - although strangely, I've nearly done October's.  Keep going! 
Number 12 is granny squares. 

I did quite a lot of these at one time, but obviously stopped working on this green and purple one.  Interesting combination of colours!  
This is a very ambitious list, but I don't need to worry about the quilt police coming round to check on me!  I like ambitions, and love finishes too! 

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Challenge finished!

Last year I decided to take the American Patchwork and Quilting UFO Challenge.  You had to find twelve UFOs, put them on a list and aim to finish one every month during 2017.  Some of the UFOs were tops, or well on the way to completion, but some were only a bag of bits.  I like having a new year resolution, because it is a positive way to approach the future.  I don't often succeed in keeping my resolution for the whole year, but even a few weeks of self improvement is better than nothing!  Anyway, I have just finished the last quilt on my list! 

It's Bonnie Hunter's Tulip Fields, and I think it's come out well.  It's a great way to use up strings and scraps and will give a needy child a well deserved hug!  The challenge is running for 2018: want to join it? 

Thursday, 7 December 2017


Ive been doing various secret things which I can't share recently, but here is a bit of progress.

I have assembled and bordered my Tulip Fields quilt, and only need to layer and quilt it before the end of the month.  Should be possible, at least theoretically!  

I've also made up this half a jelly roll quilt.  We were fortunate to have a parcel of fabrics arrive from the lovely Katy Jones of 'Quilt Now' magazine, and amongst the goodies was a fat eighth bundle of 20 different fabrics.  I cut each fat eighth into four 2.5" strips, and separated the strips into two sets.  Two of the strips of the same fabric joined together to make a wof strip, so they went together beautifully.  This top measures about 38", so will benefit from a border.  Light blue, I think.  I'm keen to join up the second set of strips to see how the same fabrics join together in a different arrangement.  Watch this space! 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

UFO challenge nearly done!

I have finished the eleventh UFO on my list!  That means there is only one more to go (tulip fields) and I've completed all twelve of my nominated UFOs this year! 

This isn't the most wonderful quilt in the world, but it's a finish! 

I didn't do any fancy quilting, but I'm quite pleased with the free motion flowers in the centre of each medallion.  Done!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

New sewing machine!

My old sewing machine was beginning to wear out.  Often, when I lifted the foot to remove some fabric, it just clonked down again, meaning I had to repeat the motion a bit more forcefully, which was a real nuisance!  Well, I had it 17 years ago, and I do quite a bit of sewing, so it's not surprising! 
The problem was, what to replace it with?  I had been very satisfied with my Elna, so decided to go for another, and delighted to find that my LQS Sew Charming was able to advise and order one for me. 

Here is the Elna EXperience 580, which I think is just a bit better than my old one.  It has a much wider throat (8.5" as opposed to 6.5") which will make quilting large quilts much easier.  It also has an automatic thread cutter, which will be very useful, and means I can save enough on thread to eventually pay for the machine!  I rarely use alphabets, but once in a while they're fun, and this machine even has the Russian alphabet!  I can see that being really useful.  Unfortunately it doesn't make cup of tea or make sure I get points on my triangles, but I'm looking forward to giving it a workout! 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

On Ringo Lake

Bonnie's annual mystery quilt is up and running!  Instructions are every Friday on her blog, and her colours for this year are chocolate brown, aqua, coral and of course, neutrals.  
The first instruction is nine patches.  Easy peasy! 

Here are my blocks all ready done.  What's next? 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

UFO challenge

I'm very pleased with my progress on the UFO challenge.  Twelve UFOs nominated and ten already completed, with two months to go!  I looked at the remaining UFOs and my heart sank.  More of the pink and red hexagon medallions and a Bonnie Hunter Tulip Fields which was barely started.  I looked and then put them away!  Then yesterday, husband was out watching his football team so I had a clear evening and I got the UFOs out again.  With the medallions, I decided that finished was better than perfect, so appliquéd them to cream background squares, joined them together and bordered them. 

This will be fine as a cot quilt.  A bit of fancy quilting (or not so fancy quilting in my case!) and it'll be fine. 

Then the Tulip Fields beckoned.  I'd forgotten how much fun it was to use up scraps for the tulip bases!  Four blocks were made, so I made another couple.  I realise I've made a cutting mistake on my new blocks, but I'm not undoing them!  Only another ten blocks to go!